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Email Configuration

As your business begins to grow, email management can become more complex. Kansas City Managed IT provides full-service email configuration and management, whether you are currently setup on an email platform, looking to transition to a new platform, or simply setting up email for the first time. Kansas City Managed IT is very experienced with Office365 and Exchange Server which are the most popular email services for small businesses with email needs.

Kansas City Managed IT has helped several clients migrate from other email services to Office 365 and can help you set up your configuration so that it meets your HIPAA Compliance as well.

We can also assist in implementing email folders and rules creating the most effective workflow for the end user.

​We understand email in the cloud is not always the answer. Kansas City Managed IT has consultants who can help you determine whether onsite, cloud or a hybrid solution is best for you and help you with the implementation from the beginning to the end.

Mail Protection

Emails often contain confidential information or ePHI information. It is also the most common entry point for ransomware and is used for phishing attacks which can be costly to your company. We provide recommendations for spam filtering and email encryption to keep businesses protected.

Spam Filter

  • Stops junk mail from getting through, keeping your mailbox clean.
  • Quarantine’s harmful and offensive messages, preventing virus infection.
  • Looks for common phishing attempts

Email Encryption

  • Send encrypted emails from any email client or operating application, protecting message information. ​

​Work with Kansas City Managed IT to ensure your office's email accounts are configured correctly and securely.

What is cyber security?

The world of IT security evolves quickly, requiring maintenance and enhancements along the way for your company's security network. Ransomware and other malicious cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise greatly in the U.S. throughout the last few years. Ensure your business's digital activities are backed up properly, with the right tools in place to prevent or bounce back from such an attack.