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Does your company take its IT security for granted? Networking equipment includes switches, routers and firewalls. Each one of these is critical to the efficiency and security of your company. The type of equipment you need can vary from company to company as well as the type of security the equipment can provide.
Switches are primarily used to allow your internal devices to connect to each other. If your switches are older you may want to make sure they support 1Gb speeds per connection. This will give you the most cost-effective speeds and is very noticeable compared to its 100Mb predecessor. If you host a lot of servers or process a lot of credit card transactions, you will also want to make sure your switch allows you to isolate sections of your network, so they are more secure.

Routers and Firewalls are used to route traffic and control what is being allowed in and out of your network. There are many options available for firewalls and their abilities vary drastically. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when configuring firewalls is forgetting to focus on what type of traffic is allowed out of the network. You should limit the outbound traffic just like you do the inbound traffic to make things as secure as possible. By default, firewalls are setup to allow all traffic outbound.
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