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Application Support

Software Application Support

Application Support can be a time-consuming task which takes you away from your everyday routine. Application Support is part of Kansas City Managed IT’s  “Managed Services” offering . As part of our discovery process, we will identify the applications you use for your business and include them in your contract as part of what we will help you support. Our staff is familiar with a wide range of business applications from simple applications like Office 365 to more complex applications like E-Clinical.

We are  used to dealing with tech support offered by the larger application vendors like E-Clinical and can be the liaison for you so you can continue to do your daily work, while we take care of resolving your application issues. Our experience with many different systems allows us to resolve issues quickly and learn new systems at a faster pace.

Give us a call today for a complimentary discussion on how Kansas City Managed IT can help you better handle your applications.

July 31, 2018