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Managed Email Services

What does email management include?

As your business begins to grow, email management can become more complex. Kansas City Managed IT provides full-service email configuration and management, whether you are currently setup on an email platform, looking to transition to a new platform, or simply setting up email for the first time. Kansas City Managed IT is very experienced with Office365 and Exchange Server which are the most popular email services for small businesses with email needs.

Kansas City Managed IT has helped several clients migrate from other email services to Office 365. We can also assist in implementing email folders and rules creating the most effective workflow for the end user, helping users become more efficient.

We understand email in the cloud is not always the answer. Kansas City Managed IT has consultants who can help you determine whether onsite, cloud or a hybrid solution is best for you and help you with the implementation from the beginning to the end.

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We provide complimentary consultations if you are looking for a path forward to better managed your IT.

Mail Protection

As the technical landscape evolves, so do hackers and those with malicious intent. Unfortunately, email is the most common way for hackers to gain entry and locate confidential information that is residing in your email. It is also the entry point for ransomware and is used for phishing attacks which can be costly to your company. We provide recommendations for spam filtering, email encryption and other security measures for a layered approach to keep businesses protected.

Spam Filter

Spam filtering stops most junk mail from making it into your inbox, helping to keep down the clutter. A good spam filtering option will also have a quarantine, meaning it will quarantine harmful and offensive messages as well as common phishing attempts, preventing virus infection. There are more advanced spam filtering options that url rewrites  and sandboxing. URL Rewrites test links before they hit your network or email server, again protecting from virus infection. Sandboxing scans attachments for viruses before they are delivered to your inbox.

Email Encryption

Email encryption is used to protect an email so outside sources can’t read it. There are two different types of encryption:

Transport level encryption- Encrypts the email only during transport. Once it reaches it’s email destination, it will no longer be encrypted.

End-to-end encryption- Encrypts email during transport and remains encrypted once received until credentials are put in to open the email.

A majority of the prominent email providers have transport level encryption, but 3rd party providers like GoDaddy and Bluehost don’t have any level of encryption. To enable end-to-end encryption, you will typically need an added application. There are many encryption applications out there with different ways to encrypt. It is important to pick one that has ease of use and complies with any compliancy that your company must adhere to.

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is another way to add another layer of protection to your email. Unfortunately, employees are the biggest threat to your company’s security. Most of the time, a breach with email or into a company’s network is due to an employee being lax with security protocols, or not being educated on security protocols. Security Awareness Training typically consists of a program with weekly videos on different security topics, followed up by a short quiz over the topic. These weekly videos keep security at the forefront of employees’ thoughts. In addition, we utilize a training that gives us the ability to simulate phishing email attacks to our clients, allowing us to see what users need additional training.


MFA, Multifactor Authentication should be implemented on all email accounts. MFA requires two different sign-in methods to login, helping to prevent someone from gaining entry or hacking your email. MFA can be setup in many ways depending on the mail application you are utilizing. Some require you to type a code that was texted to a cell phone once the password has been entered, others are sent directly to email. There are also authentication applications that have constantly changing codes that are required to sign in.

Email Archiving

Email archiving preserves all inbound and outbound emails for your company. It is usually used to meet compliancy regulations. The medical and financial industries have strict regulations with archiving all inbound and outbound email and often require all email to be kept for up to 7 years. Archiving can also be beneficial for other reasons such as restoring a deleted email or searching emails for a particular word or phrase. Using an email archiving service can also allow your users to keep their mailbox smaller knowing they have the ability to restore old messages if needed. When an email is archived, it can still be accessed, but not as easily as if it were kept in your inbox.

Adding Work Email to Phone

Adding your work email to your phone can be complicated, especially when you are wanting to add it to the default email client on your phone. The Kansas City Managed IT team has experience adding email top both iPhones and Android phones. It is important to setup policies which require the phone to be encrypted so if the phone is ever lost or stolen the data will not be accessible.

Email Spooling

Email spooling is a tool used to prevent emails from bouncing back to the sender if your email server is down. It will also allow users to continue to send and receive emails from the online service until connectivity to your email server is restored. Once connectivity is restored, your data will sync up so you are not missing anything. 

HIPAA Compliant Email

When it comes to HIPAA compliance, there is a lot of confusion as to what needs to be in place. Email compliance is imperative, especially when PHI is commonly sent via email. Kansas City Managed IT’s team of techs can help you set up your configuration so that it meets your HIPAA Compliance.

For additional information on HIPPA compliant email, please refer to our blog, “Keeping Email HIPAA Compliant”.

​If you are looking to step-up your email configuration and security, reach out to Kansas City Managed IT. Their team with work to ensure your office's email accounts are configured correctly and securely.

What is cyber security?

The world of IT security evolves quickly, requiring maintenance and enhancements along the way for your company's security network. Ransomware and other malicious cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise greatly in the U.S. throughout the last few years. Ensure your business's digital activities are backed up properly, with the right tools in place to prevent or bounce back from such an attack.