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Backup Services

Kansas City Managed IT takes Backup and Disaster Recovery very seriously. Many companies take a nonchalant approach to backups and don’t realize just how important it is to have a current backup both on and off premises. Backups can be used to restore your data in case of a security incident like being infected with a crypto virus, for restoring deleted files and for recovering after a hardware failure.
It is imperative to automate as much of the backup process as possible so you are not dependent on people to switch out backup media. Although people always start out with good intentions over time, they become lax in switching out the media. We have seen too many instances where the backup media has failed and the manual process has not been followed. Unfortunately, this is when disaster strikes and companies find out their backup is no good. Setting up automation and daily status reports can go a long way in protecting your company’s vital data.

Although doing the backup is important it is also necessary to understand how quickly you need to recover in case of a failure. Every company will have different recovery objectives. Kansas City Managed IT will ensure we understand all your backup and recovery needs and provide a solution which best aligns with your company’s recovery timeline. Ultimately, the best backup device for a company is determined by how fast a company needs to get back up and running after a failure. Kansas City Managed IT has partnered with two of the most trusted backups in the industry: Datto & Barracuda:


Datto solutions are sized based on the number of servers in an environment as well as the amount of data which needs to be backed up. They also backup to the cloud with up to one-year retention unless you opt to pay for unlimited cloud storage.  Datto provides one of the quickest recovery options in the industry. Their recovery option allows you to temporarily recover to the backup device and it continues to do backups while it is running.  This allows workers to almost immediately begin working again until you can schedule time to move data back to a new or repaired server. Datto also provides the option to boot to the cloud for up to 30 days in case of a major disaster at your facility which also makes it a great part of any business continuity plan.


Barracuda solutions are sized more based on your data needs. Barracuda offers unlimited backup to the cloud with their monthly service. Barracuda devices are more for clients who don’t need the instant recovery and can afford to wait for hardware to be available again before they are back up and running. That being said barracuda allows for more granular control of things like SQL backups. They do provide instant startup for machines that run on a VMware or Hyper-V environment, but they do not offer the option to continue backups while they are running so if for any reason the device restarts or loses power all changes would be lost. You can however migrate the data to a new environment which is seen by your VM or Hyper-V infrastructure as long as the backup device can see it.