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IT Consulting

Are you unsure of the current state of your IT environment?
Are your current IT solutions supporting your business objectives?
Are there projects that require technical support and project management?

If you said yes to any of these, you would benefit from IT consulting. IT consulting services can cover a small project to a full managed services engagement. Either way, the service provider will assist with technology solutions that fit your company or project. Kansas City Managed IT is comprised of a strong team of technicians who not only have the core set of IT skills, but each maintains a defined skill set in a specific area of information technology. This allows our team to manage virtually any IT needs.

When looking for an IT consulting partner, it is important to choose one who not only understands information technology, but also puts your company’s business objectives at the forefront. Unfortunately, the IT consulting industry is full of independent contractors and technology consulting firms that believe there is only one way to do things, and they fail to understand that all businesses require different IT needs.

If your company uses Kansas City Managed IT for IT consulting services, here is what to expect for varying levels of involvement:

Managed IT Consulting ServicesTechnology Consulting for Projects

If your company is looking for technical assistance as part of a larger project, our IT consultants can assist with IT solutions that fit within the scope of the project. This may also includes the deployment of technology solutions as well.

Project Management

In the event that your company is looking for Kansas City Managed IT to take on a project management role, our IT consultants would come in and provide IT consulting and management through the duration of the project. They work with decision makers to understand the desired result, budget and ideal timeframe for completion before embarking on the project.

Partnering with Internal Information Technology Team

If your business is looking for an information technology partner to perform all help desk and It support duties, relieving an in-house IT staff of several day-to- day distractions, we offer several services. This allows the internal IT staff to focus their attention on strategic IT projects and IT planning to help efficiency in business processes. Kansas City Managed IT provides an internal team with support in any of the IT service areas listed in Complete IT Environment Consulting.

Complete IT Environment Consulting

When providing technology consulting/IT planning for your entire infrastructure, our team of IT consultants analyze the following areas:

  • IT Security: Our IT consultants will determine what IT security is already instituted to better understand if additional security measures are required to protect the technical environment or intellectual property. If the partnership includes managed services, we will make sure all enabled security features remain up to date.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: As a technology consulting firm, it is essential we establish the proper backup solution and disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity for your company. No company is built the same, so we provide different offerings that take budget, amount of data and recovery time objective into account. Again, if managed services are included in the engagement, we will continue to monitor and test backups to ensure they are up to date. In the event of a disaster (even if there is no managed services agreement), our team can implement the technical aspects of a business continuity/disaster recovery plan. Typically, this will consist of pulling crucial data (intellectual property, client information etc.) from backups and rebuilding or setting up new machines to get the business back up and running with as little downtime as possible.
  • Cloud Services: Our team of IT professionals can determine if your information technology environment would be better hosted in the cloud or an in-house server. If a cloud infrastructure makes the most sense, we would look at cloud services like Microsoft Azure or AWS to setup the cloud environment.
  • Email: Our IT consultants will determine if your current email solution is best suited for your internal IT strategy. If not, we recommend alternative providers such a Microsoft Office 365. If your current email solution efficiently supports your business processes, we assist with the best spam filtering option for your company. In general, the built-in spam filtering that comes with Office 365 or Google Business, does not provide robust and thorough filtering.
  • Application/Software: Our team of IT professionals will analyze the different applications or softwares to ensure they are up to date and if it is the best solution to keep business processes running efficiently.
  • Hardware: Our IT consulting staff will determine the age and state of your company’s hardware. If we suggest replacing outdated or inefficient hardware, we recommend new machines and provide setup if requested.

Managed IT Provider Kansas City

IT Planning for the Future

One of the most important pieces a consultant provides is planning for the future. By engaging in a complete assessment of your environment, an IT consulting firm can provide you a list of equipment, programs, etc. that require updates or replacement in the future. With an investment timeline for those changes, your company will be able to strategically budget for purchases, reducing surprise costs.

An on-call, experienced service provider is critical when you are in need of IT support, even if it is not utilized often. An IT consulting company like Kansas City Managed IT can familiarize themselves with your environment, making it easier for the team to provide strategic IT resolutions quickly.

If you would like more information or to schedule time for an IT assessment of your environment, please reach out to Kansas City Managed IT today.