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IT Consulting

Are you unsure of the current state of our IT infrastructure?

Do you wonder what systems you have in place and how well you are using them?

Kansas City Managed IT can be your IT consultant.

We can evaluate your current infrastructure and help you understand what you already have and what strengths and weaknesses we have identified.

If you have a very simple environment, we can help you plan a roadmap which will keep all your systems current and up to date. Having such a plan in place will allow you to better manage your IT Expenses and allow you spread out the cost in a much more manageable way instead of being surprised by sudden IT expenses. Often times companies don’t realize how old equipment is getting and how much slower it can run over time.

A more complex Consulting engagement can look at not only the equipment being used but how users are doing their jobs currently and helping come up with a more productive or efficient way to do them with the use or newer technology or implementing technology where it was lacking before. Our Consultants will identify the strengths in your technology stack and build from those to help overcome any weaknesses which may be identified.

Following are some of the areas we will look at during a consulting engagement:


  • Evaluating the lifespan and efficiency of the applications.
  • How you are using the applications.
  • What is the user experience with the applications
  • Are there other solutions out there which would make business since to use.
  • Are the applications up to date.


  • What is the Age of the Hardware
  • Does it have enough resources to accomplish what you need
  • Do you have a budgeted replacement plan
  • What are the bottlenecks and how can we remove them.


  • What security Measures are currently in place
  • Based on your companies needs what additional measures should be put in place
  • Identify What processes do you have in place to make sure all your security tools are up to date and still effective.


  • What backup product is being used
  • How often are backups being performed
  • What type of backups are being performed
  • What is your recovery time in case of a system failure and does it meet the companies requirements
  • Identify any steps that may need to be taken to meet the companies requirements.


  • What platform is your email hosted on and where
  • What spam filtering solution is in place
  • What security options are in place


Engaging in an in-depth consultation will provide you with a comprehensive view of your complete IT environment and give you a road map for where you want to be. Once you have that we can work together to determine the best way for you to get there.