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Network Support Specialists

Why do I need a network assessment?

If you are uncomfortable with your current network performance, or are unsure of the network security measures in place, a network systems assessment may provide much needed insight.

During a network systems assessment, computer network support specialists evaluate your entire network infrastructure. Typically it begins with an overview of the network issues you are experiencing: Are you having network downtime? Poor network performance? Network not setup to support remote access, which is necessary now due to COVID-19?

Understanding the issues will allow the network specialist to identify which pieces are the most important to your business operations. From there, they will do a walkthrough of the location, run network scans to identify machines connected to the network, who has remote access through VPN and identify vulnerabilities in network security.

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Possible issues a technician might find include the following:

No Firewall: A firewall is the most essential piece of hardware when it comes to protecting your network. Network firewalls filter traffic coming in and out of your network. If a network specialist determines there is no existing firewall, it is important to understand the firewall options provided by the managed service team. At Kansas City Managed IT, we recommend Fortinet or Cisco hardware for firewalls. Ongoing maintenance, updates, and management of the firewall is highly recommended for optimal performance of your investment. Most managed service contracts explain the scope of work provided, but it is important to ensure it includes ongoing support and maintenance. Kansas City Managed IT provides a support agreement allowing network engineers to perform network management including updates to regularly ensure that access to the network is only being granted to employees and approved users.

No Access Points: Access points are pieces of equipment used to expand your local area network (LAN) coverage. These are typically added when the Wi-Fi connection is unable to reach certain areas of a location. If areas or zones are not currently seeing coverage, systems engineer will provide alternative solutions for access points, such as Cisco or Ubiquiti. Access points do not require much ongoing technical support; however, Kansas City Managed IT provides troubleshooting of any issues.

Bad Cabling: Bad cabling during network installation or failing cabling can disrupt network connectivity. Once identified, an IT technician can install new fiber optic or repair network cabling to restore network connectivity.

No Separate Guest/Wireless Network: It is extremely important to maintain a separate guest wireless network from your employee utilized WIFI network. A guest WIFI prevents unwanted users from accessing your computer systems and sensitive data that is typically maintained on your employee utilized network. Our network specialists can assist in establishing an additional guest wireless network setup.

No website restrictions: Establishing website restrictions for employees browsing online can prevent vulnerabilities that often lead to malicious attacks. To prevent a disaster recovery scenario, we recommend working with a managed services company to provide network support. Kansas City Managed IT will provide regular recommendations for blocking specific websites and the ability to easily add additional websites to that list whenever needed.

Poor Signal: Sometimes a bad signal is strictly due to an internet service provider. However, if there is failing equipment or cabling that is leading to a poor signal, it is best to rely on Kansas City Managed IT to avoid spending time finding the solution. Our specialists will communicate with that vendor on your behalf, making sure equipment is replaced and the connection is improved.

How does Kansas City Managed IT help?

Once our computer network support specialist has reviewed their findings with our network support team, Kansas City Managed IT will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations. Suggestions are often listed in order of importance, allowing our clients to budget for future IT investments.

We also recommend managed network support services providing you constant network support. This resolves any network issues your company may encounter as well as IT solutions for other information technology issues.

If your company is moving into a new location, or opening an additional location, Kansas City Managed IT can assist with your move. This includes providing network support services to get your environment up and running.

  • If you are moving to a new location that contains existing cabling, a systems engineer will verify that existing cabling is all functional. Additionally, they will determine what equipment is required and assist in equipment setup.
  • If you are moving to a new location that has little to no existing cabling, we will provide a cabling and equipment quote for the new location. Next, our network support services staff will provide network installation of fiber optic cable, as well as setup all of your networking monitoring equipment and computer hardware.

Kansas City Managed IT will provide your company’s network additional protection with constant network monitoring and additional network support services. Having continued IT support will not only provide network support, but also to provide help desk, data backup solutions, disaster recovery services and more.

If you are interested in more information about the IT services Kansas City Managed IT provides, please reach out to learn more.