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Network Cabling Services

What do network cabling services include?

To support the demands of today's communication systems - a well-laid network and structural cabling system is critical. Data networks function as the most important building block for every type of business operation, and although network wiring is often the cheapest component of your system, it is arguably the most important. Without this critical infrastructure connecting your devices and computer equipment, your network would be useless.

Each cabling system needs to have the proper design, installation, and even routine maintenance to keep your business's systems running smoothly at all times. Without proper, professional installation of network cabling services, your data center's equipment may suffer in the long run. With inaccessible, poorly installed cables, expansion and routine maintenance can jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire operation.

Kansas City Managed IT is a proud provider of Kansas City network cabling, and our highly trained professionals come equipped with experience in installing data, voice, audio, video, fiber optic cables, and fiber optic internet. Additionally, they can provide services for installing business phone systems and VoIP phone systems.

Any of the Kansas City Managed IT consultants can help you determine what is best for your company's needs and what network wiring solutions will work best for your operation.

Data and Voice network wiring

Installing a data and voice wired connection is one of the most important components of the overall network for your business. While a simple wi fi network allows your devices to connect with each other, hardwired cabling is a faster, more long-term, and more secure solution for your data and voice needs.

Whether you're an expert, or totally unsure about the state of your business's IT needs, our Kansas City network cabling solutions are designed to support your operation from the ground up. Building a structured cabling system is more than just the installation of a few cables. It covers creating a wi-fi network, and thus a good internet connection. It includes establishing solid connections between all cables and adjusting the location, adding in a new cable where needed, and creating a structurally-sound wired network.

Our services include:

  • Thorough consultation, with helpful information provided every step of the way.
  • Extensive planning to provide the highest quality cabling for higher speeds
  • Data and voice network wiring and cabling
  • Fiber optic cable installation
  • Basic and advanced wiring
  • Terminating patch panel wiring

Additionally, these services include wiring maintenance and a long-term solution for your telecommunications needs.

Kansas City Network Cabling

Audio and video wiring

In a highly virtual world with online business conferences being the norm, and home security systems relying on fiber internet, structured cabling helps provide impressive download speeds and reliable connections for any of your audio video needs. Audio-visual connections are also valuable in classrooms, for business signage, and much more.

When it comes to wiring and network cabling for audio and video, don't let your business or even your living room wall turn into a construction project. While audio and video cabling is more than just a long cable or two, trusting a professional to handle the installation in your home will increase the life span of your project, and create a solid network connection on all fronts.

Our experts are up-to-date on the rapidly changing landscape of audio video and can work with any location - including inside walls. Audio video connections are used in a variety of settings, including:

  • Tech-savvy classrooms that have webcams and microphones
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Conference rooms with projectors and speakers
  • For a home network, including sound systems and acoustic treatments
  • Large display solutions including billboards, LED signage, etc.
  • Room scheduling or management including lighting control or motorized shades
  • Large-scale training rooms and facilities that require video conferencing and televisions or display screens

And more. No matter how large, or how small the project - Kansas City Managed IT can address multiple issues and provide corrective solutions to fit your individual needs.

Business Phone Systems and VoIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone Service ProviderA fast internet connection has more usage than just helping download speeds on your device. Did you know it can also impact your business's overall productivity when it comes to a voice over (VoIP) internet phone system? Cut your telecommunications time in half with a telephone system that has an internet connection via a solid and well-installed network that holds more than just your company's data.

Our consultants at Kansas City Managed IT have solutions for your business and VoIP phone system needs. Whether you're just starting off with a small business or need a large system with multiple connections across long distances, there are network solutions for any need.

First and foremost, our consultants will check the location, power, speeds, wiring, and cabling of your existing data network box. From there, they will assess the need for building out any new wiring, make sure the cabling is all connected properly and will recommend any fixes for your existing network. From there, they will address a need for any individual outlets, the location of these outlets, and what structured cabling you might need at your business moving forward. They will evaluate your cable internet and will determine where each device needs to be placed to receive the best internet connection.

Our professionals will work with your business from start to finish to make sure that every cable, plug, and all wiring is properly done to ensure fast speeds and maximum power for your VoIP needs.

While there are many VoIP providers on the market, it is important to choose wisely for the best quality wiring and cabling. A reliable provider should offer helpful information, a long-term solution, and even a backup plan in the event that your business loses internet connection.

Fiber Optic Cables and Fiber Optic Internet

In a fast-paced, digital forward world, advancements in cabling happen rapidly. Though relatively new, fiber optic cables have become the gold standard over the traditional cable internet connection. Fiber optic cables rely on light to transmit signals rather than electricity, thus increasing internet speeds and allowing for higher bandwidth. Additionally, fiber optic cables tout the ability to maintain high internet speeds even in peak usage times. So where does fiber internet stack up against traditional copper or coaxial cables?

For businesses, fiber optic technology is the best choice. Fiber optic is also a reliable option for a home wi fi network, especially if you are working from home, with fiber optic internet allowing for unmatched productivity capabilities. Fiber internet is also becoming more widely available for usage in multiple settings including home and business.

Advantages of fiber optic technology include:

  • More reliability in comparison to cable internet
  • Fiber optic transmission is faster
  • More bandwidth
  • Noticeably faster download speeds with fiber internet in comparison to cable internet
  • Enhanced cybersecurity
  • Easier identification of compromised cables
  • Fiber optic cable transmission can cover greater distances
  • Regular cables can experience interferences from severe weather and heat, whereas fiber optic cable does not experience electromagnetic disturbances
  • Fiber optic cable strands are much smaller, requiring less space

Additionally, fiber optic cables and a fiber network terminal is essentially 'future-proof' because of their capability to handle future network speeds without needing to replace the backbone cabling.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about network cabling solutions, please give us a call (816) 688-3720 or request a complimentary consultation with Kansas City Managed IT, a trusted IT partner for all of your network needs.