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Cloud Support Managed IT

Are you confused on what the cloud is? Do you need help deciding what your company should be moving to the cloud.  Many companies are unsure of what the cloud means for them. Kansas City Managed IT can help you. Our Technicians can evaluate your current IT infrastructure and work with you to identify your path to the cloud.
Once a business moves a service to the cloud and they realize the benefits it becomes easier to identify what to move next. 
So, what are some of the benefits?

  • Redundancy and Availability: There is typically more redundancy built into cloud services. This can provide a cost-effective way of keeping crucial business services running and available during a disaster or local disruption
  • Easy access:  Cloud services are designed to be accessed from anywhere so when you can’t make to the office or the office is having internet issues again. You can go anywhere with internet access and continue to work.
  • Maintenance: You no longer have to worry about upgrading your service or performing maintenance. It is usually the responsibility of the cloud service provider to take care of maintenance and upgrades to the services they are providing.

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