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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Kansas City

There are over 2,000 cyberattacks per day, with 43% of those attacks targeting small businesses. According to Accenture,the average cost of failed security services is $13 million. While it might seem like a given, high-functioning information systems are one of the most critical components of running a business.

At Kansas City Managed IT, implementing relevant cyber security technologies and creating security solutions for businesses is one of our primary priorities. Ensuring network security, working to identify gaps, and using our combined experience to develop a system security architecture establishes an unmatched, solid safeguard.

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What is Business Cyber Security?

The IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index estimates that over 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error.

In a digitally driven world, with remote work as the norm and businesses taking on global employees, security is more than just password support and resolving problems. Simply put, businesses can no longer rely on anti-virus software or firewalls to keep their data safe but need to take a holistic, business-wide approach to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity firms like Kansas City Managed IT are crucial to providing managed services to these businesses with a hands-on role, and in-depth security training where our professionals work closely on leveraging information security policy procedure development.

Additionally, online security policies are not just imperative for high-security clearance industries or clients with complex estates, but rather all businesses and all industries.

Whether your business is located in Kansas City or one of the surrounding areas like Overland Park, Kansas City Managed IT has decades of combined experience in security methodologies, security appliances, threat intelligence, and prides itself on being one of the best cybersecurity firms in Kansas City MO. Learn more about our services related to IT management in Kansas City.

Why are Business Security Solutions Important?

While the internet allows small and medium-sized businesses to target a wider customer base consisting of local customers as well as global customers, it also opens them up to being a target for cybercrime. With a large volume of a business's clients' personal data being stored online, making adjustments consistently to align with current knowledge in security is important.

Cybersecurity companies are trained in monitoring current and emerging risks, threat hunting, and managing services related to online security but a proper security awareness plan is also critical.

What Makes a Good Cyber Security Plan?

  • A solid fiscal service that allows your business to manage client expectations to ensure secure transactions
  • Ensure proper load balancing
  • Safely managed application id access
  • Routine security data analysis from an information security professional
  • Hands-on support with security services from a competent professional with experience supporting local customers
  • Quick incident response time

In addition to these benefits, a solid security plan also allows employees to work safely, ensures customer support and loyalty, and increases productivity without unnecessary, preventable security hiccups interrupting the workflow.

Without a proper security plan in place, there are real-world consequences impacting not just large-scale enterprises but small businesses as well. Insurance companies are now requiring security measures to qualify for insurance, and customers and potential business partners need proof of security services. Governing bodies could also fine your business, and potential loss of data through a security breach could even close a business.

Trusted information technology professionals like those at Kansas City Managed IT utilize current knowledge to continually update information security systems and work in related technical security roles to keep your business safe. Discover more about our other services.

How Kansas City Managed IT Provides Relevant Cyber Security Technologies

Cybersecurity companies provide more than just managed IT services. At Kansas City Managed IT, our cybersecurity services aim to support and educate clients and provide information security training to their employees for increased security awareness.

Our Strategies and Services Include:

  • Constant monitoring with 24/7 support from a Kansas City local who administers information security systems. Maintain power over your security appliances with proactive protection.
  • Email firewalls. Remove spam, malware, and phishing before they can impact your employees and company.
  • Multifactor authentication. Automated attacks are efficiently blocked with a two-step verification system.
  • DNS Filtering. Block malicious and inappropriate websites and keep your company safe.
  • Security training for employees that includes spam detection training to stop attacks before they can start.
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection utilizes artificial intelligence to provide end-to-end protection services.
  • Cloud-managed backups. One of the greatest threats of a security breach is the loss of data. With cloud-based data management, keep every bit of your information secure.

Every security solution is complex and unique and requires an individual consultation that will focus on the specific need of each company. Don't wait until your company is struck by a security attack, but invest in the benefits of professional cyber security services to defend your data.

Choosing a Kansas City Local Company vs. a Virtual Provider

Cyber security jobs are popping up globally, and receiving an information security certification can be as simple as taking an online program. But at Kansas City Managed IT, we focus on more than just implementing cyber security policies and providing IT services.

When your business chooses a company local to Kansas City MO and Overland Park, we work together to develop products that are unique to your specific industry and need.

We offer a hands-on role when providing professional technical duties, and monitor incoming calls 24/7 to manage all pending inquiries.

While outsourcing your information technology needs to an offshore provider might save money upfront, choosing a Kansas City-based company is a long-term money management strategy as it implements the proper security strategies from the jump.

Why Choose Kansas City Managed IT?

Kansas City Managed IT has been serving Kansas City MO, Overland Park, Lee's Summit, and Shawnee since 2005 with quality, professional, and licensed IT support.

Every member of our team comes equipped with an information security certification and is up-to-date on the latest and greatest in information technology as it pertains to cyber security.

Whether you're a small business just starting out or a medium-sized business looking to up your security services, we are dedicated to serving the Kansas City MO area and will continue to do so.

Interested in working together? Get in touch with us and receive a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique needs.