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IT Support Kansas City

At Kansas City Managed IT, our biggest priority is providing the Kansas City area with comprehensive, full-service IT support through various managed services.

Working with small to medium-sized businesses in the Kansas City region, our IT company provides various support services including:

  • On-site support
  • Remote support
  • Computer networking solutions
  • Cyber security defenses
  • Operating systems installation and management
  • Risk management and security awareness training

And more. We offer a full range of services for the diverse needs of every business looking for top-notch IT support in Kansas City.

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What is IT Support, and Why Do You Need It?

Technology is one of the most foundational aspects of business today. Any company in Kansas City or the surrounding areas concerned with optimal business functioning needs not only a complete technology system with up-to-date software but support plans, and a partnership with a company specializing in understanding the unique needs of businesses.

IT support is more than just simple computer support. IT support includes a dedicated team, local to Kansas City, to provide oversight on technology solutions and extended expertise from our professionals who know how to solve problems and provide cost-effective solutions for business owners.

Our team of technicians has experience in all facets of support services, from servers to data networks, to managing infrastructure systems to creating cyber security practices that are accessible for your entire team.

Additionally, having a committed Kansas City IT company providing managed services will save you valuable time and money in the long run. Ongoing support can mitigate any issues whether they are with your servers, networks, infrastructure, or security, and can save you from costly fixes or security breaches that are detrimental to your day-to-day business operations.

HIPAA Compliance

Transfer patient information with a compliant, secure connection.

Email Configuration

Setup business email for your office with Office365 or Outlook accounts.

Backup & Recovery

Ensure your data is safely stored and backed up for a quick recovery.

Desktop Support

From printer issues to desktop rebuilds, we have you covered.

Server Support

Our team monitors critical services to prevent or quickly address issues.


Managing firewalls, internet service, and equipment for your network.
Cyber Security and IT Backups


Over the last few years security has become the #1 issue for business with the repercussions causing major headaches for business owners and employees alike. To stay ahead of the threats a business may confront, it is important to have the right collaboration of systems and software in place.

Cloud Support

From strategy to transition, we help you move to the Cloud.

Application Support

Identify primary applications and let us manage them for your business.

Asset Management

Hardware & licensing documentation is vital to better management.

Why Is Ongoing Support Important?

Kansas City Managed IT prioritizes helping clients achieve their business goals without complicating the accessibility for their team with managed services.

With business today, having secure systems and appropriately managed services is an integral part of team function, and is equally as important as companies providing for their customers. Kansas City Managed IT supports Kansas City companies with solutions, no matter how small or complex your IT questions are.

Using an IT company like Kansas City Managed IT can help you with:

  1. Creating a strategy to solve problems. Whether Kansas City Managed IT is helping a small business or mid-sized firms, we have the tools to help these companies find solutions that are cost-effective and applicable to the business environment. Our team goes beyond base-level service and uses our expertise to provide assistance to our customers.
  2. Data management. Businesses rely on data. No matter if your business handles personal data or data that is highly sensitive, Kansas City Managed IT has the ability to manage companies' individual data landscape, maintain the system, prevent data loss and continue supporting the data servers and systems.
  3. Safety and security. Our Kansas City support providers are well versed in industry standards and have experience with consulting, assistance in managing cyber security concerns, and establishing solutions that benefit your company and clients. Additionally, our providers can create safety protocols for all of your network systems and develop a foolproof strategy to help your team put cyber security at the forefront of your business operations
  4. Create better customer support systems. Our managed services benefit not only your company, but they extend to benefit your clients as well. With a seamless technology system, your business can focus on what's most important: the customers. While small businesses might have limited resources to create the infrastructure needed to manage large-scale customer support, Kansas City Managed IT has a full range of services providing email management, end-to-end system support, and more.
  5. Network and server maintenance. Don't waste valuable business time managing your infrastructure maintenance when Kansas City Managed IT can do it for you! Prevent data loss, maintain software and systems, cut down on associated costs, and maximize your output to best serve your clients.
  6. Realign your resource allocation. As a small business, or even as a mid-sized company, it's hard to focus on running your business without proper IT solutions in place. Don't overextend your resources like time and money when Kansas City Managed IT can provide extensive solutions to help your business run seamlessly.

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The Benefit of a Kansas City Local Provider

With technology at the forefront of business today, there are multiple options for IT support. But choosing a provider local to your region, like Kansas City Managed IT, offers an invaluable connection that a business could not find with an off-shore or virtual provider. While a virtual provider might be convenient, there are a few reasons why working with a local Kansas City-based company is ideal.

  1. On-site support. Whether you need help with setting up systems, streamlining services, or even installing things like network cabling, having a full-service and local IT support team is irreplaceable.
  2. Personalized support. Instead of virtually calling in to talk strategy with a service provider, you can meet our team of technicians face-to-face. We work with organizations to provide streamlined services and straightforward, honest consulting.
  3. Disaster recovery support. If a natural disaster hit Kansas City, it would be difficult for an offshore or virtual provider to understand the unique situation and assist your company in the way it needs. Thankfully, these special events are few and far between but having an on-site team for support will always beat remote assistance.
  4. Cyber security and training. In the long run, cut costs by effectively training your employees in technology and cyber security. With a Kansas City local company, your business can host training sessions to maintain a healthy level of knowledge amongst your team.

Kansas City - Are You Looking For IT Support?

Several of our clients that chose to partner with Kansas City Managed IT were looking for a reliable IT support team capable of solving problems quickly without introducing unexpected fees. Our managed IT support and strategy plans set clear expectations regarding managed services working with routine maintenance and computer network support.

Kansas City Managed IT is a Microsoft Certified Partner, as well as a Silver Microsoft Partner, allowing our team to set up and manage different Microsoft applications that can elevate your business.

In addition, our team has earned the HIPAA Seal of Compliance by the Compliancy Group. This certification enables our team to provide HIPAA-sensitive data solutions for your business, protecting your highly-sensitive data.

Additionally, our team is well versed in cloud services and hosted IT solutions. Kansas City Managed IT’s expertise allows for flexibility within your IT network so that our consulting technicians can help your business in developing a technology strategy.

Centrally located in Kansas City’s 435 highway loop, our technicians are readily available for onsite visits or we can remote login to address issues more quickly.

Utilizing help desks and remote login, our technicians can solve IT problems quickly and efficiently for your business. Whether you are located in Olathe, Kansas or Blue Springs, Missouri, our technicians at Kansas City Managed IT’s help desk support will feel like a natural extension of your IT department.

Kansas City Managed IT provides IT support to Lees Summit, Olathe, Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, and additional areas outside of the Kansas City community. If you have questions regarding IT support services, please reach out to discuss a managed service plan for your business today!

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