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Server Support Managed IT

Kansas City Managed IT Server Support includes monitoring of critical services so that we can be notified whenever there may be an issue. It also includes tasks such as setting up new users, file shares, permissions and installing updates. We will setup a schedule with you so your servers are always up to date with the latest security updates and operating system fixes.

Server support consists of the following:

  • Fix issues related to the operating system or applications running on the server. This includes applications like exchange server or sql server and troubleshooting problems like outdated drivers causing system crashes.
  • Add and remove users from active directory as needed.
  • Create file shares and assign the proper security permissions for user access to them.
  • Setup and share network accessible printers from the server for easier administration.
  • Setup and manage security groups and distribution groups as needed.
  • Performing system maintenance like disk defragmentation and disk cleanup can help your system perform better and we will schedule these processes to run on a consistent basis.
  • Manage and apply updates to servers to ensure critical and security patches are being applied on a regular basis. We will setup a routine schedule for these updates and monitor the systems to make sure they are receiving the updates as expected.
  • Monitor and maintain server antivirus software to make sure it is receiving new definitions as often as possible and running in a healthy state.
  • Monitor servers for unusual resource usage and troubleshoot the cause.
    Make recommendations when to upgrade or replace servers based on server performance and other key metrix.
    Support your servers in the most effective way possible.