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Why is Cybersecurity Important?

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet connected systems from security threats. There are many layers to cybersecurity and companies should make sure they are doing all they can to protect themselves in each category.

Listed below are several of the categories, definitions and remediations to consider:

  • Application Security -  The means by which you limit access to company software. Remediation can be implementing passwords or multi-factor authentication. Sometimes you can limit who has access to run the applications as well.


  • Information Security - The means by which you protect your data. Remediation can be encryption as well as limiting access to the information through file share rights. Something important to remember here is that your backups also contain all your data so your backup device should be stored somewhere with limited access.


  • Network Security - The means by which you limit access to your network. This would cover everything from visitors accessing your network to keeping your network devices up to date. Remediation would be offering your visitors isolated internet access, keeping your network devices up to date, securing and limiting access to them.


  • End-User Education - Teaching your employees what to look for and how to operate more securely. Remediation is often provided by offering frequent training on current security threats and tactics. Another big part of this can be providing your employees with tools to manage passwords so they are not making them simple or using the same password for everything.
October 11, 2018