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Is Your Company’s Backup Solution Truly Protecting Your Company?

IT Backup Solutions

When is the last time you evaluated your backup strategy? Like just about everything else in the technology world, backups are continually evolving.  What you once thought was a great backup strategy, may no longer be acceptable. Therefore, it is a good idea to truly evaluate what your backup strategy is.  When you first implemented your backup, the amount of data you had or the complexity of your computing environment may not have been as complex as it is now.  

Do you know what it would cost you if you lost access to your systems for a day or worse yet for a week or more? There are now affordable options available, which will allow you to get back up and running within minutes of a major failure. Some backup solutions even offer the ability to spin your entire environment back up in the cloud, until you can get things functional again at your facility. Not everyone needs this type of service, but when you weigh the cost of your systems being down, compared to what it costs to be prepared, you may find that it is worth the investment.  

This is just the surface of some of the newer functionality that is available. Kansas City Managed IT can help you determine the best backup option for your company. We even have tools which can help calculate the cost of downtime specific to your environment. If you are questioning how good your current backup strategy is, give us a call and we will work with you to find the best solution.

September 18, 2018