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When should I replace my computer?

IT Computer Replacement

Is your computer running extremely slow?

Are you ready to take the sledge hammer to it?

Just because your computer is running slow doesn’t mean it is time to replace it. The good news is, the average time you can expect a computer to last is about 4-5 years. The bad news is that doesn’t mean it will run well the whole time. Many things can effect computer performance like not enough memory, slow hard drives or corrupted entries in your registry. There are a couple things you can do before going out and replacing the computer. One easy way to make a big difference is to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD drive. This one thing, can make your computer seem new. Another option is to backup your files and rebuild your computer. Over time you make a lot of changes to your computer whether you realize it or not. You add and remove programs, apply updates, build up large amounts of files in temp directories etc.. these all contribute to how your computer performs and starting over can often times make a huge difference.

July 3, 2018