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Kansas City Managed IT is a HIPAA Compliant Managed IT Service Provider

Kansas City Managed IT is proud to announce a new certification as a HIPAA compliant vendor, allowing our team to better protect Personal Health Information (PHI) for our clients.

Over last 4 months, Kansas City Managed IT’s technicians completed a rigid process consisting of educational and I.T. requirements to become HIPAA compliant. Additionally, to ensure consistency and continued security, Kansas City Managed IT has partnered with a HIPAA certified audit company to complete yearly audits of the IT process.

As a HIPAA compliant managed service provider, Kansas City Managed IT establishes policies and procedures to ensure clients’, as well as their patients’, PHI is safe when managing their I.T. systems. This security includes the prevention of unauthorized users from inadvertently seeing or editing information beyond their permission.

To earn the HIPAA compliant certification, Kansas City Managed IT completed the same steps and requirements that a medical company would need to go through to become compliant. The initial step involved a thorough assessment identifying gaps in security requirements according to HIPAA guidelines. Following the initial assessment, Kansas City Managed IT created and implemented policies required for complete HIPAA compliance. Additionally, all computers were encrypted, providing an extra layer of protection for data stored on the computer. This ensures any data on computers and devices that are stolen will not be accessible to the thief.

Physical security is another step in the HIPAA certification process. Kansas City Managed IT’s facility already contained exterior security, however additional security was implemented within interior technology and server rooms. Kansas City Managed IT’s technicians completed substantial HIPAA training to ensure they understood all necessary procedures and processes required for compliance. As part of the continued HIPAA compliance process and auditing, additional training ensures a continued commitment to the HIPAA certification. Agreements were also created with vendors to ensure they are adhering to HIPAA compliance regulations.  The HIPAA certification process also improves the Disaster & Recovery Plan currently offered by Kansas City Managed IT. Lastly, these improvements have resulted in enhanced log maintenance records, incident reporting, proper protocol for retiring devices, as well as multi-form authentication and a more complex password policy.

What does HIPAA compliance mean for
Kansas City Managed IT’s clients?

  • If required, Kansas City Managed IT can provide a pathway to become HIPAA compliant.
  • If subject to HIPAA compliant audits, you can rest assured that your I.T. provider is following protocol as a HIPAA compliant vendor.
  • Continual HIPAA compliant auditing maintains an up-to-date environment that will keep pace with changes to HIPAA requirements, ensuring clients with PII will be current in their security and maintenance of IT systems.
  • HIPAA audits are available through Kansas City Managed IT’s HIPAA auditing partner.
  • Kansas City Managed IT fully understands the importance of protecting clients’ sensitive information.

In closing, Kansas City Managed IT has taken the steps required to best protect medical clients, as well as other businesses, that managed PHI through the HIPAA compliance certification.

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September 6, 2019

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