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HIPAA Compliance For Your Office

How long does it take your computer to lock when not in use?

Do you have policies and procedures setup in your office?

Is your ePHI data truly secure?

These questions would all be evaluated in a HIPAA audit. Kansas City Managed IT understands that as medical professionals, it is hard to focus the time needed to set up the proper procedures and policies to ensure you are not in violation of HIPAA standards. Our IT specialists have been trained specifically in HIPAA Security, positioning us to analyze and enhance your current environment.
At Kansas City Managed IT, we can set a schedule for internal audits, create IT policies and setup technical safeguards to protect your business and patients’ data.
Most Common Tech Related HIPAA Violations:

  • Information removed from lost or stolen devices
  • Texting patient info
  • Employees illegally accessing patient files
  • Accessing patient files from home computer
  • Patient data unencrypted
  • Lack of data security, resulting in a hack
July 30, 2019