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Is Your Spam Filtering Solution Right For You?

Does your company currently utilize a spam filtering solution?

If so, is it doing what you need it to do? There are many options out there for spam solutions, but very few go the extra step which may make all the difference when your employees are busy and click on something before they take the time to make sure it is safe.  When looking for a spam filtering option make sure it has the following functionality:

  1. URL scanning - URL scanning will actually check the link to make sure it has no malicious activity. It will also rewrite the URL so when the end user click on the link it passes through the system one more time before it takes you to the actual link. If it is determined to be bad it will instead take you to a screen informing you that the link you clicked was malicious.
  2. File attachment sandboxing and scanning - This is the process of the spam filtering solution actually opening the attachment in a safe environment to check it for malicious activity. This can help identify “zero day” threats that virus software may not catch. Even if the virus software would catch it, it is much better to eliminate the threat before it reaches your desktop.
  3. Quarantine security - Quarantine security allows you to specify what types of files users can release from their quarantine. You can use this cyber security tool in order to prevent users from releasing emails which have been flagged for viruses.

If you would like to learn more about spam filtering options and how affordable they really are, contact us and we can go over your current solution and help you decide if you need to make any changes.

March 20, 2019