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Demystifying IT Services: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Business

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How to Properly Gauge IT Solutions for Small Businesses

In today’s modern environment, information technology (IT) is tied to practically everything a company does. Processing online payments, maintaining a website, and ensuring the lines of digital communication are open all full under the proverbial IT umbrella.

Clearly, companies like Amazon, Apple, and Meta all have gigantic IT needs that are essential to conduct their day-to-day operations.

However, when considering IT services for smaller companies with a handful of employees, there are several common myths that must be cleared up. As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our lives and businesses, it’s crucial to debunk some of the most pervasive misconceptions about IT solutions for small businesses.

Myth #1: IT Services Are Only for Big Corporations

Nothing could be further from the truth. While large corporations often employ extensive IT teams, professional IT services are not exclusive to them. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit equally from IT support. Managed service providers like Kansas City Managed IT offer scalable solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes, including cybersecurity, desktop management, and data recovery.

Myth #2: IT Services Are Only Necessary When Something Breaks

The people who take their cars in for oil changes, tire rotations, and other automotive services aren’t doing so because their vehicle is broken. They’re doing so to prevent their vehicle from breaking.

Business owners should think of IT services in the same way as vehicle maintenance. By having IT solutions for small businesses in place, it effectively mitigates the chances of IT issues occurring, such as network outages and cybersecurity breaches. Remember, preventing a problem is always less expensive than fixing a problem.

Myth #3: Outsourcing IT Means Losing Control

Hiring a professional IT service provider can feel a bit like handing over the keys to the kingdom; however, business owners should know they aren’t relinquishing control. When you work with Kansas City Managed IT, it’s a partnership where your business goals and objectives are always kept top-of-mind.

Myth #4: Cybersecurity Is Only Necessary for High-Profile Targets

This is a particularly dangerous myth because many small businesses believe they’re too under-the-radar to be noticed by cybercriminals. In fact, the opposite is true. Cybercriminals have a penchant for targeting small businesses because they tend to have fewer cybersecurity measures in place.

According to Forbes, 70% of ransomware attacks were targeted at small businesses in 2021. A successful ransomware attack can lead to unplanned downtime, lost revenue, and compromised data. By implementing a robust cybersecurity plan, business owners can protect sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and avoid costly breaches.

Myth #5: IT Services Are Too Expensive for Small Businesses

Employees, benefit packages, equipment, and supplies all add to a company’s overhead. These types of cost considerations can deter small businesses from seeking IT services for the sake of maintaining a healthy bottom line.

The rumor is that professional IT services are expensive and can’t accommodate small business owners. In actuality, many managed IT service providers offer flexible pricing structures, making IT support accessible to businesses with limited budgets. Additionally, the long-term cost savings from avoiding major IT disruptions and data breaches far outweigh the investment in IT services.

Myth 6: I Can Get the IT Services I Need by Hiring My Own Team

It’s true that there are numerous IT professionals on the open job market looking for employment. No argument there. But what business owners should keep in mind is that IT professionals generally have unique skills and competencies.

For example, one IT professional may be well versed in computer networking while another is proficient in creating cybersecurity measures. IT professionals who can accommodate every IT need like a Swiss Army knife are a rarity, which is why hiring a professionally managed IT service provider is a sound alternative.

Kansas City Managed IT employs a range of IT professionals with different skill sets. Should your needs evolve or suddenly change, we can implement the right resources for the job. This prevents you from needing to hire a large IT team to oversee your operation.

How to Secure IT Services for Your Small Business

Now that you know more about the value IT solutions for small businesses can deliver, the next step is to assess your IT needs to identify the services that best support your business objectives. Kansas City Managed IT provides the most in-demand IT services for small businesses, including:

  • IT risk management and consulting
  • Data and disaster recovery services
  • Cybersecurity measures
  • Desktop, server, and cloud support
  • 24/7 customer care

Call (816) 381-9969 or email us to kick off the conversation about IT services and how we can help. After gathering a little more information about your company and its IT needs, we can provide you with a quote for service and support.

October 24, 2023