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Get Your Workforce Up To Speed With an IT Education

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Managed IT Services Help Employees Learn To Identify Common Cyberthreats

As cyberthreats continue to evolve in complexity and frequency, organizations are investing more than ever in cybersecurity resources. Although firewalls, endpoint protection, and network security measures are certainly a good start, business leaders shouldn’t overlook one major security risk: their employees.

Human error often correlates with cybersecurity breaches. According to IBM’s “X-Force Threat

Intelligence Index 2024” report, 84% of critical infrastructure incidents could have been prevented by applying basic security fundamentals and user best practices. This includes human errors like downloading an infected attachment, using a weak password, or falling for a phishing scam.

Putting technology in untrained hands can lead to disastrous consequences, including network outages, infected hardware, and other scenarios that threaten business continuity. IT service management can only do so much. For companies to truly secure themselves, they must work from within, starting with cybersecurity and IT employee education.

By investing in IT services and education, companies can improve their cybersecurity infrastructure while enhancing their network’s performance. Providers of managed IT services in Kansas City can include training your workforce on the essential best practices and skills of internet and technology use.

Understanding Common Cyber Threats

Before you can ask your employees to prevent cyberattacks, they have to first understand the common threats that organizations face. Phishing, for example, involves deceptive emails that trick employees into providing confidential information, clicking on malicious links, or downloading malware-infected attachments.

Ransomware is another severe threat, in which attackers lock an organization’s data and demand payment for its release. Other prevalent risks include DDoS attacks, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats (APTs), which can infiltrate networks and remain undetected for long periods while stealing highly sensitive information.

As IT service providers in Kansas City, it’s our job to stay up to date on the latest cyberthreats, how to recognize them, and how to protect networks against them. When we impart this knowledge on your workforce, your team can police their own use of technology, thereby reducing the company’s overall risk of experiencing a critical incident.

Human Error: The Cybersecurity Achilles’ Heel

Human error isn’t just about recklessness. More often than not, lack of awareness is the root issue. Password strength is a common example of this. An employee might use a weak password because they are not aware of strong password practices, or they might leave their computer unsecured because they underestimate the risk of data theft. These lapses in judgment seem minor, but only until someone with malicious intent takes advantage of them.

Other common examples include employees accidentally sending sensitive documents to the wrong email address, misconfiguring databases that then become publicly accessible, or falling for phishing scams in emails that look like they’re from credible sources. As a provider of managed IT services near you, Kansas City Managed IT can increase your workforce’s awareness of cybersecurity threats through training.

The Scope and Value Of Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity Education

Reacting to security threats is a losing game. By proactively equipping your employees with the right tools and knowledge to prevent cyber incidents, you effectively create another layer of protection beyond your digital safeguards.

Our comprehensive IT and cybersecurity education typically covers:

  • Awareness of the latest cybersecurity threats and trends.
  • Best practices for password management and multi-factor authentication.
  • Safe internet use habits and email-handling protocols to avoid phishing and other scams.
  • Guidance on secure handling and transmission of sensitive data.
  • Simulated cyberattack exercises that prepare employees for authentic threats.

Most employees don’t have an IT service management background, so our training is relatable and understandable for non-technical staff. The value this education provides extends beyond merely avoiding security breaches; it fosters a company-wide culture of cybersecurity awareness.

How To Arrange Managed IT Services To Train Your Workforce

Investing in IT and cybersecurity training through a managed IT service provider yields numerous immediate and long-term benefits. Most notably, it significantly reduces the risk of cyber incidents, decreases potential financial losses from breaches, and protects the organization’s reputation.

Businesses that are ready to create a more security-minded workforce should contact Kansas City Managed IT to arrange cybersecurity and IT best practices training. When considering the average cost of a data breach is more than $9.4 million, getting your employees up to speed on how to recognize cyberthreats is a worthwhile investment that benefits the entire company.

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June 17, 2024