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Speaks Chapels Case Study

Speaks Chapel Client Testimonial

Speaks Chapels LLC Case Study

Executive Summary

Speaks Chapels is a funeral home where funerals can be prearranged or be taken care of following an unexpected passing. They provide cremation at their family-owned crematories, full funerals and a cemetery.

The Problem

Speaks’ server equipment and operating system were approaching the end of their life cycle. Aging server equipment  and OS can lead to small issues and eventually a complete failure.  Speaks’ email which was hosted on their server was critical when communicating with clients. When someone is dealing with a death, the last thing they want to worry is about is struggling to communicate with the funeral director. Speaks’ has multiple locations, so their funeral directors travel to different chapels on different days. Due to this, the server acted as a hub, allowing the directors to log into their account via any of the computers connected to the server.
The business also utilizes many applications that require an install on the server. Having access to these application is vital to services running smoothly.It was paramount that a replacement server be put in place before a server failure could take place. All operations would have ceased until a new server arrived and was built. Speaks’ and Kansas City Managed IT’s tech team recognized the need for the server before any issues arose.

The Solution

Kansas City Managed IT researched the best option for a new server that provided all of the necessary specifications as well  being cost effective. The Kansas City Managed IT team then migrated the current Small Business Server implementation to a new Active Directory Domain.

To prevent any issues with their email being hosted onsite, Speaks’ email was migrated out to the cloud. In addition, if they had a power outage, they can still access email from another location with internet access.

Lastly, a new terminal server was created allowing employees to access their account no matter where they are are stationed.

The Results  

Since Kansas City Managed IT deployed the new server, Speaks Chapels can still communicate via email if there are are ever network issues. They have peace of mind know that security and vulnerability patches are consistently applied, keeping their environment safe. Workers are also able to login at any location and have the exact same look and feel no matter where they are at.