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Weston Transportation Case Study

Weston Transportation Client Testimonial

Weston Transportation Case Study

Executive Summary

Weston Transportation is a small company that provides cargo and freight transportation services throughout the Midwest, with a home base of Kansas City, Missouri.

The Problem

Weston Transportation had IT support through a large MSP, but was being charged excessive amounts for simple fixes, that would only be covered under a monthly plan if they paid a great deal more for a monthly contract. Another struggle was speaking with a different technician almost every time they reached out and having to re-explain not only the issue, but also their technical environment and paying for that discovery time. In addition, the technicians were slow to respond and would “bandaid” the issues they were having, never truly fixing them, which resulted in Weston having to call in about the same issue numerous times. Needless to say, they were unhappy with the support they were receiving and wanted to look elsewhere for technical support.

The Solution

Weston Transportation reached out to Kansas City Managed IT to discuss service options. A plan was put together to cover a majority of needs under one monthly cost. They were assigned a primary contact that knows their technical infrastructure and thoroughly documents it, in case there is an instance where they would not be the technician to work on the issue. Their assigned technician has worked alongside the rest of the Kansas City Managed IT team to make sure that the root cause for each issue is identified and fixed so they are not recurring.

The Result

Since Kansas City Managed IT has been brought in, Weston hasn’t experienced any recurring issues and when an issue does arise, it is addressed very quickly without any additional fees.  Kansas City Managed IT’s technician has built a great rapport with Weston and keeps their technical environment running smoothly. ​