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8 Signs It’s Time to Enhance the Cybersecurity of Your Business

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Want to Protect Your Organization? It’s Time to Beef Up Your IT Security Plan

Virtually everything can be done digitally these days. That includes shopping online, making financial transactions, communicating with friends and coworkers, and much more. Technology has made our work and personal lives simpler and more efficient; however, these improvements aren’t without risk.

Cybercriminals and malicious actors are always on the hunt for weaknesses in a network’s cybersecurity measures. If you’ve had yours has been breached in the past, then you already know that it can result in company downtime, lost or compromised data, reputational damage, and unexpected costs to remedy the issue.

So, what’s the solution?

The constant evolution of cyber threats and attacks requires organizations to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their data and assets. Cybersecurity services that identify points of access that can be exploited must be addressed.

Be mindful of eight key signs that indicate it’s time to bolster your IT security defenses. Then, be sure to arrange a cybersecurity evaluation for your organization to learn how you can improve.

#1 – Your Organization Has Frequent Cybersecurity Incidents

If you find yourself dealing with an increasing number of IT incidents, such as malware infections, data breaches, or unauthorized access attempts, those are clear indicators that your current cybersecurity measures may not be sufficient. Frequent incidents indicate your network has vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

#2 – You’re Using Outdated Software and Systems

Using outdated operating systems, applications, or security software leaves you susceptible to known vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals often exploit these weaknesses, so it’s crucial to keep all your software up to date and promptly patch any IT security gaps.

#3 – Insufficient Employee Training

When’s the last time you had a formal sit-down with your staff to discuss the best practices and common red flags of cybersecurity? Unfortunately, employees are typically the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain due to their lack of training. If your workforce lacks awareness in recognizing and responding to security threats, it’s time to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity training programs to educate and empower your staff.

#4 – Inadequate Access Controls

If you’re struggling to manage the user access controls of your workforce, it can lead to data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive files. Implementing a robust access management system can help ensure that users have the right level of access based on their roles and responsibilities.

#5 – A Growing Complexity of Your IT Environment

Maintaining a network of a few computers and users is relatively easy. However, as your organization evolves, your IT environment becomes more complex. Expanding networks and unsecure mobile devices all increase your risk of a cyberattack, which is why it’s essential to adapt your cybersecurity measures to address these changes effectively.

#6 – You Lack an Incident Response Plan

What’s your plan in the event of a data breach or malware attack? Do you have a clearly defined response? Unfortunately, many organizations aren’t prepared, which is a significant vulnerability. In the event of a breach, a clear and rehearsed plan can minimize damage, reduce downtime, prevent data loss, and save time and money on recovery efforts.

#7 – Your Organization Has Increased Its Use of IoT Devices

The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in homes and workplaces introduces new IT security challenges. Business-related IoT devices can be vulnerable to cyberattacks, making it essential to incorporate IoT security into your over cybersecurity strategy.

#8 – You’re Struggling to Remain Within Compliance

Falling out of compliance with industry regulations or data protection laws can have severe consequences, both legally and financially. If you’re struggling to meet compliance requirements, it’s a sign that your cybersecurity measures need to be brought up to current standards.

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In the world of cybersecurity, complacency is not an option. Recognizing the signs that it’s time to upgrade your cybersecurity measures is the first step in protecting your data, assets, and reputation.

As one of the leading providers cybersecurity for businesses, Kansas City Managed IT provides a comprehensive offering of services and products that will protect your organization, including:

  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Backup services
  • Data recovery services
  • Compliance management
  • IT consulting
  • Workforce IT education

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large organization, addressing IT security issues proactively and investing in the latest solutions is essential to safeguard your network against cyberthreats.

Ready to get started? Contact KC Managed IT today for a free consultation about your IT security options. After telling us a little bit about your current IT structure and what your goals are, our team will develop a personalized suite of services designed to support your business and its goals.

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September 5, 2023