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Can My Business Benefit from a KC Managed IT Support Plan This Year?

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Why You Should Invest in Business IT Support Before the New Year Begins

The new year is coming up fast, which means that many organizations are already planning how to use their 2024 budget. Payroll, office supplies, equipment, software subscriptions, and IT needs are likely all on the table.

So, why should business IT support be high up on your list?

And what exactly can you expect from managed IT services in Kansas City?

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the most beneficial managed technology services and how they provide value to your organization. Afterwards, we’ll provide you with some useful information on how to get an evaluation of your current network.

#1 – Desktop Support

For most organizations, laptops and desktop computers are the primary piece of equipment that their workforce uses to perform daily tasks. When something goes wrong with an employee’s computer, it usually means they can’t do any work until the issue is resolved.

However, when organizations invest in desktop support services from KC Managed IT, they can expect:

  • An evaluation of your current systems and recommendations to improve them.
  • Timely fixes for operating system and application issues.
  • Prompt application of critical updates and security patches.
  • Installation of the latest antivirus software.
  • Regular performance of computer network system maintenance.

#2 – Server Support

Your server is the proverbial heart of your IT system. It provides your workforce with access to resources, data, programs, and much more. When a server goes down or isn’t properly maintained, the entire organization is affected. Server issues may result in degraded performance, program errors, and application downtime, all of which can impact productivity.

When you invest in server support with KC Managed IT, our team will:

  • Maintain and manage your servers.
  • Troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • Assign proper security permissions.
  • Maintain your server’s cybersecurity.
  • Perform required updates and patches.

#3 – Network Support

As an organization grows, so too does its network of computer systems and users. The bigger the network, the bigger the risk that it has vulnerabilities or areas with poor cabling. Large computer networks tend to have weaknesses in their security and connectivity issues that may result in poor signal or access problems.

When you entrust KC Managed IT to oversee your network, we will:

  • Perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current network.
  • Ensure all your hardware and cabling is correctly arranged.
  • Monitor your network for performance issues.
  • Perform necessary network and security updates.
  • Establish a guest Wi-Fi network that is separate from your main network.
  • Establish website restrictions to mitigate unauthorized users from accessing the network.
  • Address issues relating to poor signal.

#4 – Cloud Support

More and more organizations are transitioning away from physical servers to cloud-based servers. In addition to making data and network features more accessible to authorized users, the cloud requires less maintenance and is less prone to disruptions and outages.

Cloud computing is one of the most popular managed technology services that KC Managed IT provides. Converting over to the cloud is a significant transition, which is why we recommend contacting us for a complimentary consultation. One of our IT professionals will walk you through what to expect and explain the benefits of our suite of services.

Ready to Get Business IT Support You Can Count On? Contact KC Managed IT Today!

When you invest in managed technology services, your organization will be less prone to computer and network issues, cybersecurity threats, and other common problems that can hinder your business. By removing the common IT pain points, your organization will be better positioned to gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals.

As one of the leading providers in business IT support in the region, KC Managed IT offers the most in-demand IT solutions and unmatched customer service. Our team is always ready to take your call if you require troubleshooting or other means of IT support.

The best way to kick things off is with a quick call to assess your current network and learn more about your IT goals. After we get a clear sense of what your organization is missing, we will provide some recommendations for IT solutions that will best serve your business, your workforce, and your customers.

Call KC Managed IT today at (816) 381-9969 or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to showing you how professional business IT support will be the best investment you make in the new year.

September 19, 2023