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5 Ways IT Solutions Protect Your Business

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IT Solutions for Small Businesses That Enhance Cybersecurity and Network Stability

Technological advancements and modern IT solutions have afforded small businesses and their customers plenty of conveniences. Most transactions are now conducted digitally, customer records and data are maintained on secure servers, and the lines of digital communication are more open than ever before.

The use of business software and digital tools allows small businesses to be more agile and responsive in a competitive market. However, with the adoption of modern technology and all its perks, small businesses must be cognizant of the negatives, too.

According to Forbes, the biggest IT-related concerns small businesses face include:

  • Ransomware attacks
  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware attacks
  • Social engineering
  • Data theft
  • Internal threats

According to statistics shared by AdvisorSmith, 72% of small businesses only invested in cybersecurity after hearing about an attack or experiencing one firsthand. As a small business owner, you should consider your cybersecurity efforts and IT risk management strategy sooner rather than later.

If you’ve yet to get started or only have the basics in place, work with Kansas City Managed IT to enhance your IT solutions for small businesses. We provide IT consulting that includes a professional assessment of your current IT network and its security.

5 Ways IT Solutions Support Your Small Business

When considering IT solutions, it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive. Financially speaking, preventing a problem is usually far less expensive than fixing a problem. Refer to the following five ways that illustrate how IT solutions support your small business.

#1 – IT Solutions Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Significant data loss is the proverbial poison pill small businesses must avoid at all costs. Data losses compromise operations, lead to negative financial impacts, hurt consumer confidence, and may result in compliance or legal issues. Further, the majority of small businesses that suffer significant data loss never recover.

By investing in IT solutions, such as cybersecurity and data backups, your organization can effectively protect its data and mitigate cyberattacks. IT solutions for small businesses ensure company operations continue uninterrupted.

#2 – IT Solutions Maintain Your Organization’s Technology

Outdated software is a common vulnerability that cybercriminals exploit. IT solutions that automate software updates and security patches keep your systems up-to-date and protected against known vulnerabilities. Additionally, IT professionals can provide technical support for hardware and software issues that may be hindering your workforce, ensuring they remain productive.

#3 – IT Solutions Limit Access to Authorized Users

Password sharing is a cardinal sin in IT risk management, and yet plenty of small businesses are guilty of it. One leaked password is all it takes for a malicious actor to access a computer network.

However, when you invest in IT solutions, Kansas City Managed IT will implement password and multi-factor authentication protocols that keep your organization safe. Further, we can help customize employee network access, ensuring that only authorized parties can access sensitive data and restricted network locations.

#4 – IT Solutions Control Physical and Wi-Fi Access

An unattended laptop or an open Wi-Fi network are just a couple examples of common weaknesses in an organization’s cybersecurity. When you invest in IT solutions, you can count on the KC Managed IT team to secure, encrypt, and cloak all access points and routers from unauthorized individuals. Additionally, we will help you secure company hardware and devices.

#5 – Employee IT Training and Threat Awareness

Did you know that a large percentage of cyberattacks are successful due to human error? One of the most effective IT solutions is workforce education that covers cybersecurity best practices and threat recognition. Regular training helps your team identify phishing emails, practice secure password management, and follow cybersecurity protocols.

IT Solutions for Small Businesses Keep Organizations Secure

Getting familiar with the IT risks that threaten your business is certainly food for thought. In fact, many small business owners know very little about cybersecurity threats or how to prevent them.

Statistically, organizations with 1,000 employees or fewer are at the highest risk for cyberattacks. A poll conducted by UpCity last year revealed that 20% of small business owners don’t have a cybersecurity plan in place nor do they intend to implement one. From a hacker’s perspective, that means one out of every five businesses they attack is completely unguarded.

Trust us: you don’t want to be part of that vulnerable 20% of companies that are open to attacks. Businesses that invest in an IT risk management strategy and IT solutions ensure continued business operations and greater resiliency against cyberattacks.

Ready to protect your company with IT solutions for small businesses? Call Kansas City Managed IT at (816) 381-9969 or email us using the contact form on our website. As a leading provider of IT solutions, our technical acumen combined with our superior customer service will help you overcome the major pain points small businesses face.

August 24, 2023