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Are You Tired of Receiving Spam Emails?

Kansas City Managed IT can help. Our IT experts are well versed in email configuration, especially in regards to email filtering intended to remove spam from your inbox.

Spam emails are often annoying because they flood your inbox with irrelevant emails, however, spam emails can also present a sizable risk to your organization. Spam emails are a common tactic used in a phishing attempt. Phishing emails are scam emails that are designed and tailored to appear legitimate to the user. If a user clicks on a link in the email, it may introduce malware to the computer and network. Malware is a tactic used to install monitoring software on your computer to capture or steal vital data, such as patient health information (PHI) or business financials. The outcome of the data breach may result in ransomware and serious business interruptions.

It is vitally important that a company protects its digital barriers, especially in regard to email where the most digital information is flowing in and out of the organization. Spam emails can pose risks to the organization if not properly monitored.

Spam filtering software is often the best defense for malicious cyber-attacks or data theft in an organization, while also thinning out your inbox of irrelevant emails. Email filtering is a large component of email monitoring software, which is integral to blocking emails that could put your organization at risk. Once spam or phishing emails are blocked, monitoring systems will provide you with a daily overview of emails blocked, so that you can always avoid missing an important email inadvertently flagged as a spam email.

In addition to receiving the overview of filtered emails, which are easy to scan through to pick out legitimate emails, each user controls their own spam settings and creates their own blacklists and whitelists. A blacklist is a list of email addresses that you know are spam emails and you would like to block from your inbox. A whitelist is a list of approved email addresses that you know are legitimate and would like to prevent from being filtered into your spam.

Most email monitoring software includes an online dashboard that can be accessed throughout the day to find emails inadvertently flagged as spam. However, if a user does not want to wait on the spam list to be sent to them, users can log into the portal at any time to look for missing messages.

Encrypting Emails for HIPAA Compliance

Do you need to encrypt messages to meet HIPAA compliance requirements? An email monitoring solution can provide an easy to use system for message encryption. Email encryption is essential for maintaining data privacy, especially as it relates to Patient Health Information (PHI) as well as Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

One of the biggest hesitations when it comes to utilizing encryption services is that the end user must create yet another account and keep track of their password. Most users already have too many accounts and it is frustrating to move outside of email to transfer documents and information. The email encryption software utilized by Kansas City Managed IT encrypts the message without the need for a new account and password.

‚ÄčIf you are interested in learning more about filtering spam emails or monitoring and encryption tools provided by Kansas City Managed IT, please reach out to speak with a specialist today!


December 27, 2019